Timrai Kakhama Sukha Dukha

A glamourous music video ‘Timrai Kakhama’ is released on Youtube by Music Nepal. The music is produced by Raag Records holding copyrights for video. Singer Anju Panta and Om Rodan are singing the song written by Eknarayan Bhandari with music of Ashish Abhiral. Song is melodious and have been viewed more than 88K since it was released on November 13, 2017.

Video is colorful and vivid featuring beautiful actress Reema Bishwokarma along with male model Om Rodan, should be singer himself. Director Arjun Adhikari has achieved to capture the glamour of song and model Reema. Cameraman Utsav Dahal and editor Nishan Ghimire both have accomplished and concluded the theme of the song though repeatitive use of flash effect on video.

Anju Panta Dhulikhel

‘Timrai Kakhama’ is gaining positivie likes which counts over 1K against 78 dislikes. Here is one of the amusing comment out of 156 so far. Watch, enjoy, leave comment and share.

Anju Panta Youtube Comment

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