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Anju Panta (अञ्जु पन्त)

All about Anju Panta with dedication
Best of Anju Panta Jukebox

February 9, 2015
by admin

Jukebox – Best of Anju Panta by Sagarmatha Digital

Sagarmatha Digital P. Ltd. has come up with new jukebox of versatile singer Anju Panta’s best collection which has been animated and uploaded to Youtube video channel of its own. These days music companies in Nepal have trend of making jukebox of Nepali songs of their popular songs under their copyrights. This jukebox of Anju Panta contains totals of 12 best songs which includes best one ‘Timile Parai Thane Pani…’ as well. Anju Panta’s nice photo has beens used for background. Nepali music lovers, Continue Reading →


October 21, 2014
by admin

Anju Panta’s Interview to Hong Kong Darpan

‘Sahara Sajh 2′ jointly organised by Sahara Club Hong Kong and Sahara Club Nepal on 1st October 2014 during Dashain was a successful Nepali musical event in Hong Kong for Nepalese. Nepal’s most popular singers Anju Panta and Yash Kumar had performed their songs whereas national woman volleyball player and actress Sipora Gurung showed her dancing talent as well. Anju Panta was interviewed by Limbu Lawati Raj Krishna of Hong Kong Darpan web magazine. Here is the full video clip of Anju Panta’s interview to – Continue Reading →


October 12, 2014
by admin

Sahara Sajh 2 Hong Kong

Sahara Sajh 2 have been successfully organised by Sahara Club Hong Kong and Sahara Club Nepal on 1st October 2014 during Dashain where Nepal’s most popular singers Anju Panta and Yash Kumar have performed their talent along with national woman volleyball player and actress Sipora Gurung. Anju Panta started her performance with Dashain greeting song. Yash Kumar accompanied Anju Panta in few songs including ‘Sagar sari chokho maya…’ Anju Panta sung her best songs including ‘Tirkha lagyo pani khaye…’, ‘Na birse timilai…’, and ‘Kasle choryo mero man…’ Continue Reading →


September 15, 2014
by admin

Ukali Orali

Image TV Channel is a satellite TV channel from Nepal established on year 2007. Image TV channel produce and broadcast a folk and dohori based TV program everyday of the week. Three program hosts Babina, Karuna and Anusha regularly host program and take telephone calls from home and abroad callers and entertain viewers by playing music video. The program host also invite Nepalese artists every week and let the callers interact with artist. Overall, the program is about Nepali Folk music and provide entertainments to its viewers. Continue Reading →